About Chloë Thomas

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Chloë Thomas is obsessed with eCommerce, Sustainability, and Marketing.

She is a best selling Author, international and keynote speaker, sought-after panel moderator, and podcast host.

Chloë has been working in online marketing since 2001, and been deeply involved in eCommerce since 2004, including working brand side, running a marketing agency for 10 years, and helping 100s of brands and retailers make better decisions.

Her main occupation now is building her media company, by helping:

  • the audience make better decisions to create better eCommerce businesses
  • the sponsors and advertisers build awareness of their services and (of course!) sales
  • her team deliver all this

Our media channels include:

Podcasts: the award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan podcast AND the marketing focused Keep Optimising Podcast

Website: the recently acquired eCommerce Tech website

Panel Webinars: the eCommerce Explored live discussion webinars

Books: 5 in total (so far!)

– all of which are building on her 20+ years expertise and experience in eCommerce strategy and marketing.

But this website isn’t about getting you onto our content – it’s about getting Chloe onto your content…

Chloë’s been at the top of the eCommerce Pack for over a decade – so why wouldn’t you want her to be part of your event or podcast?

Cool impressive mentions include:

  • Power Retail’s (Australia’s number one eCommerce publisher) named Chloë one of the world’s top 10 eCommerce commentators in 2014.
  • Scurri named Chloë a Top 50 Influencer in eCommerce and Shipping in 2019.
  • Her most recent book ‘eCommerce Marketing’ has been an Amazon.com bestseller, and the bestselling ‘ecommerce’ book on Amazon.co.uk for over 6 months (launched 2019)
  • The eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast is the number one eCommerce podcast in the UK, top 200 business podcast in the world, and won the Business Excellence Awards ‘eCommerce Marketing Expert of the Year award’ in 2020.
  • Within 1 month of launching the Keep Optimising Podcast was a top 15 Marketing podcast on Apple Podcasts in FIVE different countries (2021).
  • Chloë is an “eCommerce Rockstar” – Skip Fedura, dotmailer
  • Chloë is an “eCommerce visionary” – Kate Russell, BBC
  • LinkedIn Top Retail Voice 2023 – the hard to get blue badge!
  • Named one of the “Top 24 Voices in eCommerce 2024” by Dark Matter

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